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Historic Bramwell West Virginia

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11-15-2014 1:12:36 PM EST
are they going to have a Christmas tour this year if so when or has it already past?

10-16-2013 10:19:02 PM EST

Greetings, I wonder if anyone could give me any information regarding this house in Bramwell. I was there in 1999 and it was being renovated. My grandfather and family owned this house around 1943. I just need an address or street name. If i remember correctly, you cross the bridge then the home is on the hill to the right. Would greatly appreciate any info, Thank you.

Bob from Pittsburgh
08-17-2012 8:05:33 PM EST
To Mary Shandor, museum guide: I have been praying for you and your health. Hope all is well. Bob Kenneweg, Pittsburgh

02-11-2012 3:52:47 PM EST

The Craft Family returns home - Bringing donuts! *Made by Hole-in-One*

Lou Stoker
02-11-2012 3:45:07 PM EST

Snow on the ground today in Bramwell, but the hawks are still out and hungry.

Amanda Cochran
02-10-2012 2:02:36 PM EST

I just had to share this beautiful picture of my amazing mother Dana to ALL of you out there in cyberworld! :D

Mayor Louise Stoker
07-29-2011 2:30:18 PM EST

Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for visiting us at our last event! We saw many familiar faces, as well as some new ones, and of course everyone is always welcome! We love getting feedback on our efforts to show off our beloved town and any suggestions any of you may have are very much appreciated. We hope to see you and all your friends again soon and that you enjoyed your stay as much as we loved having you here! Lou Stoker